(A Crime Drama)


CHICAGO JAM is an action-packed modern day film noire story of power, betrayal and obsession. "Jam" follows Detective Dan Shaw's attempts to bring down Raleigh Lindsey, the city's most notorious criminal mastermind. After a botched sting operation, Shaw seeks out Raleigh's girlfriend, Roxy, and convinces her to give him information on a series of recent high profile crimes that Raleigh has been responsible for. Soon Shaw discovers that Raleigh is planning to pull off the largest fix in recent sports history ... to fix an NBA playoff game. With the help of his partner, Brad, Dan recruits a top notch team of professionals to help bring Raleigh to justice, including a hotshot DA and a beautiful undercover vice cop. As Dan becomes deeper involved in the case, he begins to develop strong feelings for Roxy and they fall in love. Meanwhile, Raleigh's crimes become more and more risky, including a hit on a Chinatown Triad, racketeering deals with powerful mobsters, and the blackmail of a professional basketball player. Hell bent on busting Raleigh, Shaw must make the ultimate gamble. In an elaborate sting attempt, Shaw finds he must risk the life of the woman he loves in order to bring down the ruthless criminal he hates.

CHICAGO JAM is an powerful story about gritty, streetwise characters who will go too far to get what they want.